Washington, D.C. hosts a wide array of environmental non-profits, businesses, federal agencies, and more. In 2003, a group of D.C.-area women recognized a need in their community. Having attended many conferences, the women found that the most fulfilling time was between work sessions— the time spent building both personal and professional relationships. Often, these deeper, meaningful relationships lead to successful professional relationships.

To forge those connections in the D.C. community, the concept for EcoWomen’s “EcoHour” was created and the first gathering was held in April 2004. The featured speaker, Alisa Gravitz, the Executive Director of Co-op America, was met by a sizable and enthusiastic crowd. The audience grew at the monthly gatherings as well as the online EcoWomen community. EcoWomen sought a venue to accommodate larger gatherings, provide options for purchasing food and refreshments, and maintain an intimate atmosphere. EcoWomen eventually found a welcoming home at Teaism in the heart of Washington, DC, which for years, has regularly offered a meeting space.

Since its early days, EcoWomen has expanded to a national scale. EcoWomen was officially incorporated in 2010, and the founding chapter in DC has been joined by chapters in Colorado, Seattle, Baltimore, and New York City. EcoWomen has continued to expanding its environmental, social, and professional scope through activities ranging from mentor dinners, book clubs, skill-building workshops, volunteer actions, and outdoor adventures.

About our Logo

The apple is a wholesome symbol of ecology, and an unexpected icon compared with globes, recycling symbols and trees.

Along with the atypical choice of imagery, the apple is colored not red, but green, as we aim to frame our thoughts and actions using an environmental lens.

The image of the apple embodies a wide range of environmental concepts, including growth, agriculture, and the reference to Eden. While Eve is sometimes accused for trading self-awareness for paradise, we use this awareness to focus our attention on enviornmental issues.

The tone of the logo is bold, professional and with a good sense of humor, to match our personalities and our approach to making positive environmental change happen.

The logo was designed by Fran Ornstein, an art director with over 25 years years of experience. Ms. Ornstein is currently an independent designer and communications specialist. Her many projects include What’s’sname, playful hand-drawn baby names, and custom calligraphy. She currently lives in Nova Scotia with her husband, where together they built their house out of piles of recycled materials. They have two wonderful children. EcoWomen warmly thanks Ms. Ornstein for designing our beautiful logo.