3 Ways to Avoid ‘Manterruptions’

By |February 18th, 2015|career advice|0 Comments

“Oops he did it again….” for those who watched the 2015 Grammy’s, you may have noticed that Kanye West was up to his usual MAN-tics. This time the victim wasn’t young, sweet Taylor Swift but modest, soft spoken Beck. If you haven’t heard or read about the term ‘manterruptions,’ which was introduced into our collective lexicon in January via the New York Times and Time magazine, there are three words/terms with which all women should be aware:

  • manterrupted/manterruption – unnecessary interruption of a woman by a man
  • bropriating – when a man takes credit for a woman’s idea at meetings
  • talk blocking – this happens when you are trying to talk to a person and another intrusive annoying person keeps getting all up in the business, making the conversation difficult or impossible

As we saw at the awards, these manterruptions aren’t necessarily directed at women; men can also be the […]