16 02, 2016

At the intersection of gender, outdoor recreation, and environmental leadership

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Outdoor recreation and my life in the environmental sector have always gone hand in hand. I learned to scuba dive for the primary purpose of identifying coral species and measuring the growth of a reef. I surf and eat fish, so I advocate for clean rivers and oceans and sustainable fisheries management. I vote for the protection of wild areas- not to exclude people- but to provide us access to nature because I want to spend all my weekends hiking into that peace.

So you see how recreation and environmentalism are intimately tied to each other and so are their institutions. It’s not a surprise that organizations like Trout Unlimited exist; when people are truly and deeply invested in outdoor recreation for pleasure and/or food, they often become advocates by default. It’s not a surprise that our parks agencies are called “parks AND recreation”, and they seem to want more and […]

25 01, 2016

Can you combine a career, environmentalism, and parenting?

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As regular readers and members of Ecowomen know, our organizational focus is formed from a Venn diagram of overlapping issue areas: women, careers, and the environment; thus, we post and blog about things covering various combinations of those three. Today, I want to talk about whether and how these aspects of our lives sometimes stop overlapping and start colliding.

We all know that work and parenting can be tough, and careers in the environmental space bring their own sets of challenges, but what happens when you add parenting to the mix? Are there ways in which one or another of these areas suffers?

(We are hoping to get some great stories from everyone in the comments!)

In some ways, having kids seems at first like a magical means for making mini-environmentalists, given that you have so much control over their enculturation and environment. Theoretically… In the early days… Ok never. Can someone explain […]

1 10, 2015

‘Skinterns’, Crop-tops, and Arbitrary Dress Codes: How Young Women are Being ‘Body Policed’ in 2015

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Two summers ago, Slate contributor Katharine Goldstein made a wave in the blogosphere by offering unasked for ‘matronizing’ advice to the young women who flood Washington D.C. each summer, and I gather, in particular, the Slate.com offices. I was, as was the blogger I link to above, appalled at the casual sexism on display in what was likely a tossed-off piece, making entertainment from women’s bodies, by one of us. In the couple of years since, it seems there has been an uptick in reportage over incidents where young women and girls are being punished for their clothing choices. This trend culminated for many in a post on Jezebel a few days ago, where an 8 year old was sent home for wearing a shirt in the wrong Pantone number. Oh the horror of wearing 18-5418 instead of the far more decorous 18-5424! I mean, it […]

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