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National Board of Directors


Jenn Weinstein


Ellen Wang


Jenn joined the EcoWomen Board in June of 2022. She has over 15 years of experience in the renewable energy sector focused on project finance, project controls and development in the C&I/DG, utility, and wind markets. Currently, she is at New Columbia Solar running the development side of the business where she manages and oversees the project lifecycles from signing through project energization and operations. Prior to New Columbia Solar, Jenn worked for many other leaders in the solar development market, such as SunEdison, Clearway and Summit Ridge Energy. She is currently the Co-President of EcoWomen’s National Board alongside Ellen, as well as involved with the SEIA DEIJ Mentorship committee. Jenn is passionate about DEIJ initiatives and mentorship especially in the renewables sector which made EcoWomen a perfect space to spend her time and efforts. EcoWomen’s mission aligns with her passion to create more diverse leaders in the solar and energy industries. When Jenn is not working, she is playing pool, rock climbing, watching hockey, basketball or going to see live music. 


Arlinda Bajrami


Arlinda Bajrami joined EcoWomen in March 2023 due to her passion for uplifting women, specifically in the energy space. She currently is the Policy & Engagement Manager for the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) based out of Chicago, IL. She is responsible for leading work on stakeholder engagement, connecting with community-based organizations, businesses, industries and local governments in the energy space. 

Prior to joining MEEA, Arlinda held various community-based roles in Illinois and Arizona where she worked to promote equitable, sustainable and accessible transportation options. She earned her Master’s degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in Metropolitan Planning and Development from DePaul University and holds a B.A. in Sociology from North Central College. 

In her spare time, Arlinda enjoys practicing yoga, exploring Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods, cooking plant-based meals, traveling and volunteering.  

Amanda Hoffman

Amanda Hoffman

Chair of the Finance Committee

Amanda has been working with internal fundraising teams on their data and operations structures for over 20 years. She loves making order out of chaos and solving challenges through solid data solutions. She has spent the last 12 years at League of Conservation Voters where she has modernized their data structure. This includes eliminating most data silos and introducing a data warehouse that allows for additional reporting features and the automation on imports and exports. Prior to LCV she tackled similar situations at NARAL and Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. Amanda lives in DC with her daughter and two cats. When she’s not being asked to play with Barbies, Legos or slime, she enjoys reading, sewing, hiking and getting out to the mountains whenever she can.

Tara Headshot.tiff

Tara Brown-Selders

Tara Brown-Selders’ experience and knowledge of the title insurance process along with her entrepreneurial skills and passion for renewable energy has been instrumental in heading the Energy Division at Kensington Vanguard National Land Services. Having prior experience as a project manager, closing coordinator and small green business owner, Ms. Brown-Selders acquired numerous skills and successfully utilized her unique talents in many ways. Tara earned a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Houston and shortly after having multiple publications including the Houston Chronicle write articles about Brown-Selders’ eco wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel Houston, Tara began her career as a small business owner of a feel-good recycling collection service for businesses and affluent residential communities. Recycle4U provided an outlet for those who wanted to recycle but could not take advantage of the city’s pick-up services and in that regard it was a success however, the business was not viable long term due to Texas’ inability to regulate the value of certain types of reclaimed materials. Upon closing her beloved business, Ms. Brown-Selders returned to the title insurance industry to help organize and manage a large portfolio at a national title insurance division focused on renewable energy developments. During her time as project manager, Tara not only successfully tracked over 500 closings and created a customer project management/invoicing system using software, but she also brought on several new customers to the department with solar projects across America in a short period of time. This led to Ms. Brown-Selders’ decision to find a home where she could be a part of the energy transition but in a leadership position at a national title agency. Finding a purpose for good while building a fruitful career has been an important goal and Tara is excited to participate as a board member at EcoWomen!

Ellen joined the EcoWomen Board in January 2020. Ellen has a BS in Communication Design and an MA in Environmental Resource Policy from George Washington University. She believes in the power of visual communication and is passionate about advancing environmental protection efforts through education and outreach. Ellen has worked for the Greater Washington Region Clean Cities Coalition as a program manager and currently works at EPA as a multimedia specialist focusing on graphic communication. Ellen is a strong believer in the mission of EcoWomen: empowering women to be leaders in their professions and stewards of the environment. In her free time, she loves drawing, hiking, and playing board games.


Noelle Paige


Chair of the Chapters Committee

Noelle was drawn to the National Board of EcoWomen by her passion for renewable and green development. Noelle earned her Bachelor of Urban Planning & Public Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Master of Public Administration from DePaul University. After a transient career as professional ballet dancer, she now works in solar energy development, investment, and financing and serves as the Vice President of Project Development for Onyx Renewable Partners headquartered in Manhattan, New York. Noelle currently lives in Washington. D.C, is an active-duty Army spouse and cat mom of two. 


Rebecca Justus

Chair of the Communications/Fundraising Committee

Rebecca joined the EcoWomen Board in May 2022 and she has been a member of the EcoWomen community since the summer of 2021. She works with organizations across the U.S. and the world to advance environmental justice, gender equity, and human rights. She is particularly interested in centering and uplifting the work and voices of those who have been marginalized and underrepresented in the environmental movement, such as Black and Indigenous leaders and organizations. Rebecca holds a MA in Human Rights from the University of Sussex and a BA in International Relations from Boston University.

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Angel (LaBell) Johnson

Angel (LaBell) Johnson is a Temple University, Computer Information Systems graduate and has taken life by the reins. She consistently pushes toward excellence both professionally and personally. Her career started out as a computer developer and has grown into leading technical and mobile app development teams to success for large organizations such as GE Capital, M&M Mars, AKQA, Digitas Health, Travel Channel and Marriott International.

She is a self-taught stock market, real estate and cryptocurrency investor and has a love and passion for technology. Angel holds an MBA in Cybersecurity. Angel seeks out opportunities to inspire and motivate others to live their best life. She is committed to electric vehicles and sustainable energy. Angel is committed to empowering women in tech and living out the the EcoWomen mission on a daily basis. Angel is the owner of Hanaa Enterprise. Hanaa Enterprise was created 20 years ago and the mission still remains the same - to invest in markets, assets and businesses while improving the betterment of the community, family and ultimately the world as a whole.

autumn bio pic_edited.jpg

Autumn Carlson

Autumn, currently located in Alaska, is a college student obtaining her bachelor degree in Biology and brings a fresh approach and several years of community outreach and administration experience to the team of EcoWomen. 

In her free time you will find her volunteering in climate change related projects, working, and exploring the beauties of Alaska by hiking and kayaking. 

She was driven to the EcoWomen organization to help drive communities that small acts of volunteering for sustainability and environmental change can make a huge impact in todays world.


Yvette LeFebvre

Yvette joined the EcoWomen Board in August 2022 after being drawn to the mission statement.  She works in healthcare and believes that physical wellness cannot be achieved without a healthy environment and social equity. Yvette lives in southern New Jersey and enjoys surfing, paddleboarding, diving, and running.

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