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Board Member Spotlight: Noelle Paige

Noelle serves as the EcoWomen Board of Directors' Treasurer and Chair of the Chapters Committee and has been on the Board for over 2 years!

When did you get involved in EcoWomen? Why?

I joined EcoWomen in April of 2022 because I wanted to get involved in an organization that was not just industry-specific but more broadly advocating for sustainability and mentorship. EcoWomen is the perfect fit for that, and I love that it is a small organization where I can have a lot of impact on the operations.

What sparked your interest in the environment/ environmental movement?

I was 18 years old living in Pensacola, Florida when the Deep Water Horizon oil spill happened. I was due to move away permanently later that year, but my last summer in my hometown I witnessed the devastation of wildlife and the beach economy. I didn’t know right then I’d end up working in renewable energy, but that experience has certainly shaped how I approached choosing a career. I currently work at a solar development company, Onyx Renewable Partners, as the Vice President of Project Development.

What’s something exciting that you’re working on (directly related to your career or otherwise)?

Very unrelated: I danced in a show my friend won a grant to choreograph! I was a professional ballet dancer before getting into solar energy so it was great to be back in the studio and putting together a show and getting into the DC dance community.  In parallel with sustainability and environmental efforts, I am a huge advocate for the arts.

What keeps you motivated?

Inspiring the next generation! I love teaching; the best part of my job is being a manager. That is definitely what gets me up everyday and inspires me to do my best. I do guest lectures for my alma mater and do a lot of mentorship within the industry. It is incredible to see the upcoming generations learning and executing – way better than I could do alone!

Do you have any advice for those who are new to the environmental movement?

Get involved! Immerse yourself in organizations, podcasts, books, events, etc because all of those things help you get fluent in the current issues, policies, and state of the industry. The more self-training you can do, the more you can bring to your job/career and that makes for a better more well-rounded perspective.

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