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Board Member Spotlight: Sarah Gibson


When did you get involved in EcoWomen? Why?

I first got involved in 2017. I was exposed to the organization by one of the board members who was a professional colleague. While there wasn't a chapter in my region, I was really excited about what the organization was trying to accomplish elsewhere. Also, I was just incredibly impressed by the character and caliber of the women involved, I wanted to be in their orbit.

How were you involved in EcoWomen?

I was a National Board member and the Marketing Committee chair.

What sparked your interest in the environment/conservation?

I grew up very rural, dependent on our land for a lot of my family's needs. I think I always felt very naturally connected to ecosystems and how they stay healthy - or don't. It was never a conscious thing as a kid, but when I began my career in marketing for sustainable hospitality and resorts around the world, I quickly realized how delicately balanced our world had become. I moved on from there to work in an agency that was a B Corp focused on brand development and marketing for energy efficiency programs and utilities. That's when I built my education and understanding of the true impacts of climate change and our responsibility as humans to address it aggressively.

What’s your favorite EcoWomen memory?

The annual board retreats were such an amazing experience. Not having a chapter in my area, I never got to attend EcoWomen events, so seeing my colleagues on the board in person, spending quality time with them and brainstorming the progress of the organization - that was so rewarding and inspiring.

What are you doing in your career now?

I'm now the Director of Marketing for CPL Architecture and Engineering. We focus on market sectors that serve communities directly, such as healthcare, K12 schools and higher education.

How has the environmental movement changed since you started working in it?

Not enough, honestly. I feel that we continue to be one step forward and two steps back. The Trump administration not only decimated progress, I think it also served to normalize doing nothing about climate change -- we had so many other terrifying things bombarding us daily. I think we'll get back some advancement, it's just going to continue to be painfully slow.

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