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Getting to Know: Sharona Shnayder, Founder of Tuesdays for Trash

EcoWomen chatted briefly with Sharona and we’re excited to share some information about her and the fantastic work she is doing!

Sharona Shnayder is a Nigerian/Israeli environmental activist, National Geographic Young Explorer, Chairwoman of Social Justice Nonprofit OurstreetsPDX, and Founder of the global grassroots movement Tuesdays for Trash -- tackling the garbage crisis facing our planet. 

Despite how intimidating climate change often feels, in 2020 she chose to channel her fear into mobilizing a movement that has now brought people from 50+ countries together to remove over 57,000 pounds of litter from our environment in 6/7 continents

As a BIPOC youth activist she aims to provide a unique perspective to the climate movement that will reduce global waste while creating a cleaner and more equitable home for everyone on this planet.

What inspired you to become a climate activist?

As a climate justice activist, I work tirelessly to bring attention to the disproportionate impact of the environmental crisis on marginalized communities, and to advocate for policies and initiatives that address the root causes of injustice, specifically focusing on waste management. Because, our home isn't just our backyard, it's the entire planet, and this, unfortunately, is something that critically needs to be retaught for most of the developed world. 

What are your hopes for the future regarding the global garbage crisis?

Often, we convince ourselves that the problem is too large, too political or too expensive to fix - that only governments and businesses are responsible and must devise a solution. While they do play a big part, it’s honestly not true. I believe that a just and sustainable future is possible, but it will only be achieved if we work together and inconvenience ourselves to make the necessary changes that protect our planet and all its inhabitants.

About Tuesdays for Trash:

Tuesdays for Trash, or T4T, enables people to take action right in their own backyards. Every Tuesday individuals from all over the world come together and pick up trash in their local area (safely and responsibly) then share their work by using the hashtag #TuesdaysForTrash, to spread the message and encourage others to join. See if there’s a chapter in your area or learn how to start your own!

Learn more about Sharona here: and follow Sharona on Instagram, Threads, Tik Tok, and Twitter: @sharonashnayder. 

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